What is the Folksy Scouts?

Folksy Scouts strives to lead and teach all children practical and nurturing skills so that they may grow into self-sustaining, empowered individuals with an appreciation for nature & natural materials, sustainability with our earth, and thoughtful relationship building. We hope to guide children toward creative entrepreneurship, hands-on building and skill creation, social growth and confidence, and socially responsible community involvement. In a supportive and inspiring environment with an emphasis on doing things with our hands and heart, pulling beauty from the ordinary, and involving others in our growth and accomplishments, we strive to create strong troops that tackle the natural rhythm of the year with eagerness, seasonal exploration, and goal-driven projects to feel proud as an individual and collective.


We do ask for your commitment to this group, as a collective thrives on consistency and participation. We want you to join our troop because you truly believe in it, our children, and our potential to do something really special and unique together. We ask for your kind input and ideas as we plan our year with more detail, and your hands-on approach to helping your child(ren) during meetings, outings & gatherings. The beautiful thing about our troop is that we are learning and growing together, adults too. We all have something worthwhile to share and contribute.